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What Does This Dry Sponge Clean?

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This is the same sponge that the pros use to remove soot, dust, and dirt.
Ideal for fire restoration and puff backs that produce SOOT.

Cleans without chemicals and is safe to use on: Lampshades - Paintings - Wallpaper - Heat Registers - Computers - Antiques - Fireplaces - Wood Stoves - Puff Backs - Projection Screens - Speaker Grills - Auto Interiors - Painted Walls - Books - Removes Candle Soot - cleans up Copier Toner, etc, etc.

It lifts away dust, dirt, soot, and lint from any dry surface. It uses the open cells of the sponges to absorb, actually lifting dust, dirt, soot, and lint into the sponge. It is always used dry and no chemicals are used.


Chem Sponge - Soot Sponge - Chemical Sponge

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