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How to Use our Dry Cleaning Chemical Sponges

Dry removal method requires using the Dry Cleaning – Dry Chem Sponge also commonly referred to as a "Soot Sponge".

Our sponges come in a variety of sizes. Our most popular are the 3” x 6” Double or 3” x 8” Double. These dry chemically sponges scoop up and absorb dirt and soot into their pores. When these sponges were first introduced to the market, people thought they worked so well they must be chemically treated. However, they are all natural vulcanized latex rubber.

Because of their soft surface, dry cleaning sponges are ideal for removing loose soot and smoke from latex paint, blown ceilings, and acoustic tiles. The sponges are used dry. You should begin on the ceiling, since debris will drop down. Then move to the walls, again beginning at the top and working to the bottom using straight, parallel strokes that overlap slightly. When the surface of the sponge becomes clogged with soot, simply remove surface layer by shaving with a razor blade to expose a new sponge surface.

Do not wring out sponge with water or clean it or you will ruin their natural cleaning properties.

This revolutionary material is used absolutely dry. This is also an ideal product for picking up dust and dirt from areas that cannot be cleaned by water or solvents. Use the Dry Chemical Sponge to wipe down acoustic tiles, to prepare surfaces for painting, to clean suede and even to clean million dollar oil paintings.  It removes stubborn marks from drywall and wallpaper without chemicals or abrasives. Use on lampshades to remove dust and dirt.  It virtually works like an eraser.

These phenomenal sponges also remove pet hair from furniture and clothes. Just wipe over fabric and the hair sticks to the sponge.  Fire-restoration crews use this "dry" sponge for removing soot to avoid the smearing that occurs with damp cleaning. Use on fireplace mantels, screens, bricks, curtains and carpet.

There are literally thousands of uses for our sponges. If you have an idea that isn’t covered here please contact us - we’d love to hear from you!

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